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Conductor's Repertoire

Mendelssohn ELIJAH, Op. 70

In English


Lessons with string quintet, professional soloists, and collaborative pianists
Rehearsals and concerts with the BBS
Chamber Orchestra
Joint master classes with singers, conductors, a string quintet, and collaborative pianist

Mendelssohn's ELIJAH and Mozart's C MINOR MASS are rich in conducting pedagogical potential.  Most especially, with limited rehearsal time, the recitatives and arias pose unique problems for everyone involved....including the orchestra.  The lessons will focus on effective collaboration and communication between conductors and soloists, soloists and conductors, and the orchestra itself (most especially with limited rehearsal time).  In addition, conductors will study arias (singers' repertoire page) and opera scenes for  performances during the Symposium.



Edition Peters No. 11345



No. 10 Recitative:  As God the Lord

No. 12 Recitative:  Call Him Louder

No. 13  Recitative: Call Him Louder 2, and measure 84 to the end

No. 14 Aria:  Lord God of Abraham

No. 17 Aria:   Is Not His Word Like a Fire

No. 23  Recitative:  The Lord Hath Exalted

No. 26 Aria:  It Is Enough

No. 33 Recitative:  Night Falleth 'Round Me

No. 37 Arioso:  The Mountains Shall Depart



No. 8 Recitativo, Aria and Duet with Elijah:  Widow's Aria

No. 21 Aria:  Hear Ye Israel


No. 3 Recitative:  Ye People Rend Your Hearts

No. 4 Aria:  If With All Your Hearts

No. 25 Recitative:  O Man of God

No. 39 Aria: Then Shall the Righteous



No. 6 Recitative:  Elijah, Get Thee Hence

No. 7 Recitative:  Now Cherith's Brook

No. 18 Arioso:  Woe Unto Them

No. 23 Recitative:  The Lord Hath Exalted

No. 30 Recitative: Arise, Elijah

No. 31 Aria:  O Rest In the Lord


Edition Peters No. 4856a


Laudamus Te  (Two sopranos)


Domine (Soprano)


Et incarnatus est (Soprano)


Benedictus  (Quartet:  Soprano, Alto, Tenor Bass)





Operatic Arias will be assigned to the conductors once the 2020 singers roster has been completed.




c minor MASS,
K. 427
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