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The Palazzo Bassi Brugnatelli ONLUS was founded in 2012 by Marcello Bassi Brugnatelli, owner of the 17th century villa located in Robbiate, Italy, a small city in northern Italy that is close to Milano, Lecco, and Bergamo.


The principal aim of the non-profit organization, Palazzo Bassi Brugnatelli, is to restore this magnificent structure to its original grandeur, and perpetuate the knowledge of the historical structure that is not only a beloved home, but an historical treasure and "living" museum.  The unique ambiance created by the historical walls, ancient art, and furniture allows someone to travel to a time and place that is free of chaos; and in these moments, the spirit can be nurtured while embracing art, music, and history while at the same time, escaping from normal routines.


Marcello Bassi Brugnatelli, architect and owner of the villa, has and continues to cooperate with varied organizations, associations, and public entities, by opening the doors of his home to the public through concert venues, shows, guided tours, and educational and varied cultural events.


All the funds raised by the ONLUS are invested into the restoration of the Palazzo itself.  Most recently, restoration has been made to “Courte Rustica,” the colonnade of the ancient courtyard, to create a new, bigger, and more comfortable space for accommodating more guests and friends or social events and gatherings, including the restoration of the roof and façade essential for the maintenance of the structure itself, or by improving and varying the cultural offerings.  All of these efforts, in essence, help to create an historical monument that is available to the public.


One of the greatest cooperations Palazzo Bassi Brugnatelli ONLUS currently enjoys is the one with John Ratledge, Conductor and Professor of Music at the University of Alabama in the United States.  In 2014, this partnership gave birth to the first Bassi Brugnatelli International Conducting and Singing Symposium, a collaboration that was an enormous success and has become an annual event for musicians of the highest level.  Participants will be able to live the inimitable and priceless experience of having conducting and voice master classes within a magnificent, Baroque edifice.  We look forward to many years of continued relationship with John and his talented friends.




Marcello Bassi Brugnatelli


As President of the Association Palazzo Bassi Brugnatelli NGO, I am proud of the collaboration established with Conductor John Ratledge from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa USA. The International Conducting and Singing Symposium is an initiative that fully meets the intent of our association by organizing initiatives of great cultural significance that take place in its interior, and to promote the restoration and awareness of Palazzo Bassi Brugnatelli, a residence which is a work of art in and of itself and was built around 1630.  Different art forms come together in this magnificent home– music, architecture, painting, sculpture–in a space that establishes an exciting environment for creativity. In addition, the value of the meeting and exchange, typical of the international context in which the symposium was born (Italy, USA, Alabama, Europe) is unique and meaningful.  I enthusiastically want the symposium to grow and prosper.  The enthusiasm shared by all participants in the 2014 symposium assures me that we are on the right track. To all of the participants, faculty, students, and instrumentalists, I offer my heartfelt thanks and welcome. 

2020 Season

23 June - 2 July 2020

Palazzo Bassi Brugnatelli

Robbiate, Italy

© 2020 Bassi Brugnatelli Symposium. 

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