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23  JUNE  2020

AUDITIONS–Part One:  On Wednesday, 23 June 2020, we will hold auditions to determine soloists who will sing with the  BBS Chamber Orchestra on the Aria, the Grand Finale Concert, as well as our off-campus invitational  performances.

AUDITIONS–Part Two:  Tenor, alto, and soprano soloists are needed for Mendelssohn's ELIJAH and Mozart's C MINOR MASS master classes and concerts.  The roles of Elijah and the Widow will be performed by BBS faculty. Please check the conductor's repertoire list below for the specific selections from ELIJAH and the C MINOR MASS  to prepare for this audition.

Mendelssohn ELIJAH, Op. 70

Edition Peter No. 11345

(in English)


No. 8 Recitativo, Aria and Duet with Elijah:  Widow's Aria  (Young Artist)

No. 21 Aria:  Hear Ye Israel  (Young Artist)


No. 3 Recitative:  Ye People Rend Your Hearts

No. 4 Aria:  If With All Your Hearts

No. 25 Recitative:  O Man of God

No. 39 Aria: Then Shall the Righteous


No. 6 Recitative:  Elijah, Get Thee Hence

No. 7 Recitative:  Now Cherith's Brook

No. 18 Arioso:  Woe Unto Them

No. 23 Recitative:  The Lord Hath Exalted

No. 30 Recitative: Arise, Elijah

No. 31 Aria:  O Rest In the Lord

Mozart C MINOR MASS, K. 427

Edition Peters No. 4856a

Laudamus Te  (Two sopranos) Faculty and Young Artist

Domine (Soprano) Faculty and Young Artist

Et carnatus est  (Soprano) Faculty and Young Artist

Benedictus  (Quartet:  Soprano, Alto, Tenor Bass) Faculty and Young Artists


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